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Resurfacing Valve Seats

When you close a compression faucet, the rubber stem washer presses against the inside of the valve to cut off the water. The place where the washer presses is called the valve seat. Over time, this area of the faucet can get worn or scratched. When that happens, leaks can occur. Worn seats can be resurfaced using a seat-dressing tool. This tool comes with different-sized cutter heads to fit different types of faucets.

Skill Level


Time Required

30 minutes

Tools Needed

Screwdrivers, Seat-dressing tool

Materials Needed


Project Steps

Step 1. Turn off water. Select a cutter head that fits the inside diameter of the retaining nut. Slide the retaining nut over the threaded shaft of the seat-dressing tool, then attach the locknut and the cutter head to the shaft of the tool.

Step 2. Screw the retaining nut loosely into the faucet body. Press the seat-dressing tool down lightly, turn the tool handle clockwise two or three rotations. That should be enough to smooth the worn seat. Remove the tool and check the seat with your finger. If it feels smooth, reassemble the valve. Turn water back on.

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